Apex Mobile Features

With over 50 pre-configured and customizable features, your agency’s options and capabilities with an Apex Mobile powered app are virtually limitless.


Push Notifications

Send app based notifications to user devices.

Digital Roll Call

Roll call information is now available at your officers' fingertips at any time, and without the need for handing out paper documents or trying to meet in odd locations to manage social distancing.

Web Links

Promote the web links that you partner with, or that serve your community. List as many as you like, and links can even be grouped so as not to inundate the user with too much content.

Crime Maps

View crimes identified by type, date and location.

Sex Offender Mapping

Easily find local sex offenders.

Jail Search

Provide an easily accessible way for citizens to perform inmate lookups.

Message Center

All of your push notifications and messages go into a dedicated in app message center allowing users to read your messages at their convenience and on multiple devices.

School Resource Officers

Students and parents can view SRO information for area schools, as well as click to call, email, and anonymous tip the SRO. A great tool for a hard to reach demographic!


Create unlimited forms with email routing for submissions.

Contact Lists

Never waste time looking for contact information again. Save time with easy access to phone and email addresses. For larger organizations, organize contacts into groups and departments.


Community members can easily view and request more information about volunteer opportunities with your organization. Customizable forms allow you collect all the necessary information.

Venue Maps & Floor Plans

Provide access to maps and floor plans to help your attendees find their way.  Works for one-location venues or for events spread across multiple floors and buildings.

User Groups

Group users to deliver relevant information.

User Group Menus

Show unique menus to user groups.

User Accounts

Users can register and create accounts.

Unsolved Cases

Request the public’s help in solving unsolved cases! Users can view the details of unsolved cases and contact the agency with any information. Great for increasing cold case awareness.


A powerful tool that enables authorized users to send a SMS message into our system for distribution via social media and app notifications.


Our platform integrates with all 3rd party online survey providers making your app a powerful tool for understanding user engagement, satisfaction, and for conducting market research.

Sponsor Listings

Feature your event or app sponsors with dedicated sponsor listings.  These detailed listings can include photos, a company description, contact information and social media links.

Speaker Profiles

Provide a photo, biography, contact information, social media links to provide your speakers with even more exposure. See a list of all of the sessions that each speaker is associated with.

Social Media

All your social media in one place! It doesn’t get any easier for your public to check out your latest happenings.

Social Submissions

Source sharable content from others within your organization.

Social Share

Quickly share information to Facebook, Twitter, App Notifications and email lists all from one place.

Report an Issue

Users report issues right from the app. Issues can be reported anonymously or with contact information. Issues are also geo-tagged and users can include comments and photos!


Feature open positions and provide additional resources for those looking to join your organization.  Your app can easily integrate with third party job platforms that you already use.

Push to Web

Use notifications to direct users to any webpage.

Push to Groups

Send notifications targeted to specific groups of users.

Property Catalog

Users can catalog personal property and include serial numbers, descriptions, and photos. Should items be lost or stolen, users can print or email the catalog to police.

Press Releases

A simple, mobile-friendly, native interface for your press releases and announcements. Formatted for the phone, your press releases will look sharp and clear on the user’s devices.

PDF Library

Organize PDF documents in an easy to find format with multiple sharing options (save to device, email, text). Sort your PDF library by group, date, alphabetically or in a custom order.


Build fully functional HTML pages that will be loaded directly to your users' devices when they open your app.  Link out to other websites or to other sections of your app.

News Feed

Post mobile friendly news items that can accessible via the app and web.

Multiple Location Mapping

List, map and provide contact information for multiple locations.

Most Wanted

Get the faces of your wanted individuals into the hands of your public. Users can view wanted individuals, and simply click to call, email, or submit anonymous tips to the agency.

Missing Persons

Increase public awareness of missing persons cases! Easy to use format allows users to see important details of the case, as well as click to call, email, or submit an anonymous tip.

Map & Directions

Make it easy to find your locations and connect on-the-go with Google maps integration. You can a single location or multiple ones and provide "find near me" capability.


Lists allow for organized presentation of groups of related information.  As one of our more flexible features this also provides full HTML capability creating unlimited possibilities.

Find My Location

Find and share your location with others.


Create an unlimited number of Frequently Asked Question lists to provide your app's users with fast and easy access to their most pressing and commonly asked inquires.

Exhibitor Listings

Give your exhibitors additional exposure with detailed exhibitor lists.  Interactive listings can include a booth number, contact information, company description and more.

Event Agendas

View your events items by day and time or by tracks. Include a description of each event, an exact location and speakers / panelists / moderators. Easily add links to additional materials and surveys.


The most complete directory option of any app platform on the market! Users simply tap on an entry and then touch to call, email, or even visit a website!


We even put a lot of thought into our Contact page! With touch to call, email, or add to contacts, and direct access to the Directory feature. Users can also dial 911 from the page.

Commend an Officer

Users can commend officers in a matter of seconds! They simply fill in the officer’s name, add any feedback they wish to share, and click submit. Great tool to engage the public!

Business Directories

Create and manage business listings. Great for sponsorships, vendors, and local businesses.  Provide descriptions, addresses, contact information and link to social media.

Attendee Directory

Provide a full directory of attendees that can include photos, bios and contact info to make connecting even easier.

iOS & Android Code Bases

Proprietary native code for iOS and Android.  Support for popular and recent operating systems and devices provided via updates throughout the contract term.

Family ID

Users can save their children’s / loved one's information to the app that can then be shared with responding officers in the event they get lost or are abducted.

App Management System

Web based app management platform built on LAMP stack and hosted on cloud based dedicated servers. Compatible with all popular browsers.

Internal Group Feed

A comprehensive feed of all group posts. Available via app and web portal.

Health & Wellness Portal – Apex Lighthouse

Confidential and anonymous resource that provides employees and their families with mental health & wellness initiatives, addiction awareness tools, assessments and direction towards treatment and care.

Job Boards

Provide quick access to open jobs/details. Send out instant notifications and provide real time updates to minimize back and forth between staff. Boards provide a one stop solution to fill jobs and provide access to detail information like on site contacts, maps and agendas.

Push API

Send notifications out via 3rd party systems.

WordPress Integration

A custom plugin to connect your app to any WordPress installation. A fully managed and hosted WordPress installation allows for virtually unlimited additional features and provides a cost-effective option for future development.

Security Camera Registry

Create a searchable and mappable database of security cameras that includes location and contact information.

Station Finder

Direct users to the appropriate station or resource based on location with our powerful KML powered mapping features. Available to users via app and web.

Text & Email Document Delivery

Replace paper brochures and forms with easy to send emails and SMS messages. All messages are sent via a central SMS number or email address.


Provide easy access to customized, step-by-step, policy-driven procedures and checklists. Once complete, send the checklist up the chain to provide a clear picture of the completed tasks. CheckLists is the perfect tool to assist with an after-action report.

Why Apex Mobile?

The Apex Mobile platform was built with ease of use, flexibility and growth in mind. Our cloud-powered, fully native iOS and Android solutions easily integrate with web based features to ensure that your app is up to date with the latest features.


Easily create and link content to make your app a truly one of a kind application. Give your app an extra bit of flair by adding custom icons and imagery.

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Update your app and communicate with your users via in-app messages, Facebook and Twitter from a single easy to use dashboard.

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With a growing list of dozens menu items and features, we are sure to have your needs covered. If not, allow us to create and customize your new feature.

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You more then just a customer to us and that’s why our team is available 24/7 to respond to your needs and ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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